From an Army Daughter to an Army Wife

Anticipating celebration of festivals together as we longed for his home coming,

Growing up as an army daughter was, what I will call challenging.

As a kid, the olive green seemed like his skin to me ,

Only in my youth did I realize its true meaning.

Understanding why he would be gone for days,

 It was a noble and daring duty that called him away.

Yet he made sure he was always there,

By loving us immensely during leaves

and staying close through those letters when not here.

It wasn’t easy growing up as a daughter with your father in combat saving lives,

What was more difficult was to face the rigors of being an army wife.

With the army concerned for you as much as your man,

It makes sure you are never down and forlorn.

Carrying a cheerful façade and never giving a whiff about how worried I am.

Boring the stress of separation,  by staying positive and calm.

I could now empathize with my mother and how she would have dealt with it,

She stands to be my role model till date, for she was always bold and stoic.

The days of parting may be long but not the same,

The relationship feels brand new every time we meet again.

What remains unchanged, be it as a daughter or a wife,

I still cry when I have to bid either of them goodbye.

For all the goodbyes we say, we always look forward to the best hellos.

And every time,  I say it out clear and loud,

I was, I am and I will always feel fortunate and extremely proud.


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