Raising Myself

An year has passed by and my baby enters into the toddler group.

I tried to teach him new things everyday ,

And only in the process I realized, I was learning something new as he played….

Physical appearance is nothing but a perception,

You are the most beautiful person to your little one.

Small floating bubbles or bursting of a balloon would leave my little one giggling.

So I realized why always wait for a gag or witticism,

And why not just laugh it out at simple things.

Babies love being hugged and toted all day,

So when the going gets tough, why not let someone help and carry a part of you.

How curiously he looks at nature , the way  the leaves twirl and birds chirp,

I learnt to be more curious about things that captivate us.

He spills his meals, spits up and keeps making those silly mistakes but eventually he learns.

So what ! Mistakes are a part of life.

He taught me to not ponder too much on my imperfections

And never ever let them dishearten you because eventually we all learn.

My little boy wants what he wants!!

He somehow finds his way.

Well , I learnt to do that too.. if you love something, never ever let it go!

Love , love ,love!!

He taught me that he won’t listen to me in anger or sadness,

The only language he comprehends is that of Love.

Hence,  let go of resentment or mourning,

Love being the answer to everything!!


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