Why not do it with love !

Small fights and arguments would easily upset me to the extent that I would spoil my health.  In my desire to be a perfectionist at work or home , I would often not be able to tolerate any difference of opinion. But I once saw my father smiling away even after going through a very challenging situation in life.  So, I asked , “How are you even managing to wear that smile in such a conflicting situation? “

He replied , because I have a total sense of belonging and with that sense of belonging, winning or losing in any situation is irrelevant.

Normally when you lose an argument or have to face a testing situation, you get sad, angry or upset. But if your love stands above everything else, like perfection, desires, comfort, etc. , you tend to put the ‘ being ‘ before the happening and your confidence is in the ultimate good. 

We all invariably have to face all kinds of circumstances in life be it , good, bad or ugly. So , why not do it with love !  It just makes the whole process a lot simpler and easier for us to face .

Krishna’ s life was full of conflicts , yet he kept smiling and dancing . May we learn from this and dance through all conflicts .


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