Let those bubbles stay afloat…

My little one loves playing with those soap bubbles but often complains, “Mumma, why can’t those bubbles just stay afloat while I keep dancing around them? Why do they have to go down and burst?”

Well at first it occurred to me to explain to him that its gravity controlling most things around us. But he is too small to understand that so I just said “so that we can blow more of them”. That didn’t quite impress him but I kept mulling it over in my mind.      

  Don’t we all want some things to last forever!!

Just like the sight of that first rose of the season, in your garden,

It won’t stay forever but let the smile that it brought sparkle your day.

Let that beam of pleasure stay afloat.

Just like the pleasure of meeting your loved ones after a long time, brightens up your mood.

Let that craving of anticipation stay afloat.

Just like an act of kindness, makes you feel content.

Let that sense of gratification stay afloat.

Just like the warmth of a hug in times of despair calms you down,

Let that warmth of affection stay afloat.

Just like the applause for an achievement makes you proud

Let that sense of pride stay afloat.

Just like that feeling of patriotism gives you goose bumps,

Let those goose bumps of loyalty stay afloat.

Just like the excitement on receiving gifts and presents, make your day.

Let that delightful expression stay afloat.

Just like the drive to follow your dreams and passion,

Let that thirst to accomplish stay afloat.

 It wasn’t just the desire of my son to hold on to the bubbles, it’s a longing each of us has. We may not be able to bring any moment of pleasure, delight or blissfulness to a standstill but we can carry its reminiscence into the future and let it stay afloat for as long as possible.


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