Is it superabundance, luxuriance or simply more than necessary??

Do we not get a little too much of everything??

 By we, I mean women have observed this paradox right from the beginning.

As little girls, when we wanted a little attention just because we were quieter and reticent than our male counterparts who were obviously more hyper in everything they did .

And then one fine day,  guess who heard our voice, the very part of the body that gave us the voice. So the brain just got all excited and these new chemicals started acting moody . We got ‘the attention’ , we got all sprout up. Now we won’t have to crave for that attention anymore . Puberty has solved all problems and that too much earlier than our more macho fellows. We looked mature with some of our body parts growing and changing beautifully. So we did get more staring and glaring, and we weren’t prepared for it. It had to come in abundance, or rather, superabundance.

Then came the time when we had to prove ourselves, we wanted to prove ourselves. And just like everything else, we got this opportunity in profusion too. We now got the chance to prove ourselves at work without neglecting even the minutest chore at the household. We were a little scared of making any mistakes anywhere because people might use as an analogy that women aren’t capable enough. Hence the whistle of the pressure cooker was always on the verge of being blown. And that happens when you get ‘much more than needed’ of, wanting to prove yourself. But we did manage to have the power to let the pressure remain inside the cooker because with great power comes great responsibility.

 As grownups, we thought we weren’t given or being considered mature enough to handle responsibilities. That is when marriage happened and we were given so much privilege to be responsible for everything. Responsibility came in luxuriance. Now we became responsible for 2 households, two moms, two dads and everything just came in multiple of twos. And with time it kept increasing to 2 to the power infinity. And now suddenly the gender that was not considered responsible enough was tagged as the epitome of responsibility for the society and what pictures in our head, as an epidemic of responsibility.

Just when the conflict to define responsibility and working against odds, began to settle in our minds and when we started complaining of too much monotony and boredom in life , came the toughest task of the universe – motherhood. Trust me; I have been a researcher, an educationist, an army wife and what not. But one thing that beats all other vocations is parenthood. Its’ often said that childbearing and birthing perfects most women but what it does is sometimes completely drains you.

We can’t complain of monotony anymore because life will now be full of adventure, emotion, drama, elation, confusion, thrill and commotion. Your longing to cuddle, care and feed was never so much. And soon when you will want even a small portion of this caress, your little ones will be all grownup and would have grown out of it.

So ladies, next time before asking for or yearning to have something;

Remember, we always get most things in superabundance.

When we asked for beauty, we got glamour personified.

When we asked for work, we got it in luxuriance.

When we asked for sleep, we got so much that we got tired of it.

And we wanted to snooze, we got a plethora of restlessness.

But one thing that remained constant during this entire process is we did have the dynamism to differentiate between sacrifice and self-hood while being conscious of our behavior, energy, ingenuity and integrity. So hang in there ladies, because we actually deserve much more than we ever desire.


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