We may not realize it but we are all part of a much bigger plan

A few years ago, I needed to make a major life decision. Quitting was definitely not a wise choice. But there comes a time in life when you think of giving your life more meaning and when neither money nor success gives you contentment.

I once accompanied my mother to a school run by a NGO .It catered to underprivileged and differently abled children. I asked a girl in her teens who was displaying her handmade items,

“What do you wish to become?” Little did I know that her reply would change me completely? She replied, “I want to become this district’s manager and ensure compulsory education for all. Will you help me?”

I had no clue how I could help her so I asked her how I could be of help. She just said “Teach me “.

Today I feel contended with my life. The meaning of life that I was trying to find found me. I now continue on the path of providing the first step to those who need a helping hand in fulfilling their dreams.

No matter where you are or how big your problems may appear to be , everything is unfolding exactly as it should. Any uncomfortable experience in life is happening for a reason and as part of a bigger plan.

When we look back, we can all find positive results and opportunities only came after challenges.


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