Can I have some change ,please !!

Life sometimes gets so monotonous and all you end up saying to everything around you is “booooooring”.

Some people enjoy the humdrum of daily life as it is both healthy and a safe way of living. But there comes a time when we things appear dry and tasteless and so we plan these trips, vacation, holidays etc. Travel indeed offers thrill as well as great rejuvenation.

But here, the change that I am referring to, will last for more than just a long weekend.


Here are a few fun ways to break the mold and go footloose and fancy free about your work, your body and yourself- for some time at-least.


  1. A tad bit of fluctuation in your daily routine
  2. I used to tell my mom,” it’s Sunday, please sleep and let sleep”. But the day I became a mom, I began to comprehend that it just sets in our biological clock and we become habitual of not taking much rest. So it is time you do that. Sleep a little longer, mothers. You don’t have to organize school bags and prepare tiffin for the kids or hubby and cleaning can always wait. In fact, why not lighten your load today.All those who are pretty stringent about their routine, try waking up a few minutes late, sometimes. Maybe a beautiful dream that was often perturbed by the sound of the alarm will now make you wake up smiling. A little laid back attitude here can give you some relief and just like me, a little running around may help you lose those extra calories.  I would like to emphasize that although it might add to the adventure but it can prove to be risky too. So be careful of the adrenaline rush because we are always looking for a healthy change and maybe try it with discretion.

    And well for those of you, who are always late, try hard waking up half an hour early without having to rush through everything from brushing to ironing to leaving the most important cleanup of the morning incomplete. You might also want to enjoy sipping that tea while it’s still hot.


  3. 2. Eat new
  4. Are you one of those who love to go to a sophisticated restaurant and have a four course meal from  soup and salads followed by dinner and dessert? Well, its time you try the tangy omelette at the local stall somewhere out on the street.And if you are having too much of this street food already, then it’s time you try some of the reasonable cosmopolitan restaurant with some classic ambiance and enjoy the flavorful, full course meal.Also, you might want to give your taste buds a little break too. For those of you who have a sweet tooth, try something peppery once in a while and the sweet flavor you love will suddenly have more taste and importance.

    In a nutshell, do not be afraid to branch out once in a while when choosing your cuisine.


    3. Read new 

If you are not into reading, you must start right away. You have uncountable options these days from media to lifestyle to sports and what not. And you have unlimited means from books to tabloids to mobile phones and desktop.  And this change can become a permanent one.

If you are reading too much mystery and serious stuff, it’s time you give some light heart chicken soup for the soul, a try.

Keep changing your genres because these days we have so many budding writers willing to enterprise and offer vivid writings. It might not interest you and you don’t have to stick to it but it’s time to strike out. If it does interest you, it will be a pleasant break.

4.   Happy hair day

This one is my favorite. So I love growing my hair long for months and then suddenly I gather immense courage to chop them off short to get that funky tomboy look.

Has it ever happened to you that you got the nicest haircut from the most expensive parlor in town and when you wanted your roomie, your parents or your friends to notice and they reacted as if nothing much has changed? Happens every time, right? Boom!! Goes your excitement.

Well, this one, don’t do it for anyone else , just to get distinctive haircut which gives your face a fresh look and let it be an evident one. And relax!! , because they will grow back. They always do.


5 Change how you see the world. Change those bifocals.

Not going any philosophical about it.

My second best choice, to get that different look. I go get a new pair of spectacles. I just love changing my blinkers now and then. From square to circle to oval, rectangle and what not. From frame-less to half frames with different colors. From the cute Harry Potter look to that dashing Big B look or the stylish Anne Hathaway look.

And I prefer Lenskart for all this because you get some of best frames, be it spectacles or sunglasses or reflectors, from different brands, all under one roof. Eye testing and home delivery both included in the cost. They have so many offers that you might end up changing that look of your hubby or other family members too.  And icing on the cake is the ease with which you can just sit back at home and order online.

Next time, add to your cart, your favorite pair from Lenskart and you will be the apple of your own eye – go ahead – It’s definitely worth a try.

So, you get to shop online and get that change you were looking for.

The changes will not only refresh you but those around you as well. And its transitory so no harm trying it once in a while.

Shifting gears by a little variation in your lifestyle to a fun new look; we can all have some change, please!!!

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