Fade away for good !!

My trip to the mountains has always been enchanting. What attracted me the most this time around, were the vivid Buddhist prayer flags. I often used to buy some for friends and family. We have them hung in our home and car. All I knew was that they have a mantra written on them and are considered propitious. But this time around, I tried to talk about them to a monk ,whom I saw was looking at the flags near a waterfall and constantly smiling. His smile amused me and I couldn’t keep myself from going to him and knowing more.

Upon asking , he said , ‘’My prayers have been answered.’’ He later elaborated how the fading of colors from the flags is considered highly auspicious. It basically means that prayers were carried by the breeze and fading is a sign of it. Next time on, every time I looked at a faded flag, it brought a smile on my face thinking that someone’s prayers have been answered . This belief of mankind that some supreme power is acknowledging their prayers, is the best thing I like about human race-  they have a way of hope that keeps them going.

What occurred strange to me was how in every aspect of life we generally do not want to keep things that fade away and we always look for newer, fresher, brighter stuff but here while talking to the divine, which is over and above most actions , fading is good. This thought was both weird and wonderful, when applied in our lives.

Ever realized what fades with age and what comes as a positive consequence out of it. WISDOM.

So fading is indeed good . As we grow old, the radiance on your skin might be fading away naturally and the warmth and humbleness begins to set in.

This aspect of fading we must embrace. We often freak out over looming 30’s not realizing that with fading years , our imperfections are fading and turning into prudence as we become astute.

I used to wonder how sometimes when I used to be in deep water and would often go ballistic , my Dad used to just smile and say that, this too shall pass . Now when I think of his smile, every wrinkle on his face tells me a story , an experience which made him so calm and at peace with the world. As his skin was fading away, he was imbibing a new value , a nugget of wisdom. I could relate his smile to the monk and his face to the fading colors of the flag and both conveying something so meaningful , and so beautifully.


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