Bridge and mend ; not break and bend.

I witnessed one of nature’s incredible phenomena recently while on my trip to the southern part of the Shillong Plateau, Meghalaya, India – Living Root Bridge. These bridges are formed, partly naturally and partly manmade ; by entangling the nurtured roots of the trees such as , Ficus elastica or Areca palm. How they are formed biologically and how do they strengthen over time , can be of useful learning for the human race, especially in such sensitive current scenario.

World Heritage Site by UNESCO

We have been making distinct boundaries in the name of caste politics and the left along with the hooligans, simply taking advantage of the ignorance of people , are just adding fuel to the fire. If uncontrolled , this might wreck havoc on the already weakened relationships between different cultures and religions.

Living root bridge- what does it teach ?

All we need to do is hold each other’s hands and form a bridge instead of breaking the link and forming frontiers. The roots of the tree hold each other and the binding intensifies over a period of time making them capable of carrying heavy weight. And the irony is that it is us , human beings, who have mastered this art of growing living root bridges across raised banks of streams running through the dense woods. But when it comes to our ownselves, we forget , that all we have to do is hold eachother tight enough, both physically and emotionally so that no force, political or otherwise can ever cave in.

We help the trees survive and strengthen but when it comes to us, we fall back and humanity suffers. These living root bridges didn’t just appear as a marvel of nature to me, it brought about a sense of enlightenment that – If you want to go far, go together.

Lessons to learn !!

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