Let there be hope !!

The sun may appear shrunken today,

But it will soon be radiant and gold.

Let there be hope .

The flowers aren’t smiling back at you ?

They make you feel meek and forlorn,

But soon their fragrance and beauty

 will help you cope,

Let there be hope.

The sky seems uncaring and gray ?

It will show its sun drenched radiance again,

That day isn’t far away,

It’s a plan of cosmos

Let there be a ray of hope.

The birds don’t seem like humming a happy tune?

Time to show a little endurance,

Put all the work on curb,

So that you hear the musical chirp.

The roads seem deserted and lifeless,

Maybe they were taking on too much pressure,

Allow them some rest and recoup.

And we shall hop on again,

Let there be hope.

  It might take time ,

It might take long ,

Follow the system,

Follow the governance,

Show some resilience ,

Show some reverence,

Take a breather and let there be hope !!



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