The lockdown is here to stay,

And I have many roles to play.

The mornings are busier like they were,

But the day that follows is busier than before.

Trying to wind up a few chores ,

before the little one walks out of the door.

When the sweep is over and I pick up to mop,

The kid shouts that he wants to poop.

The mop has to wait for if I delay,

The pyjama and maybe even the bedsheet will be at stake.

Just when this herculean task comes to rest,

I pick up the mop once again to finally wrap up,

And that’s when his tiny empty stomach calls for a fill up.

But since , we are in this together,

My better half takes up this chore,

After all, we are maid for eachother.

I now proceed to wash my hands for the nth time ,

Because , not doing so in this pandemic would be a crime.

But this time I may skip this sanitization,

For I am about to enter the kitchen ,

And the pile of utensils that await cleaning ,

Remind me of my next few minutes in the basin.

The phone suddenly goes , ding ding ding,

The messages call for some tutoring as the e-schooling begins.

I just woke up to being a housekeeper, a mother ,

And now switching to the role of a teacher.

The screen time, school time and nap time have all come to an end,

And now it’s time for me to play the role of a friend.

At this hour, I need to think and behave like my toddler,

So, I let the child in me enjoy this simple pleasure.

You cannot just afford to be a normal cook in this lockdown.

You have to know it all, from Carribean to Italian.

Suddenly cooking seems like a rocket science,

And here again, the hubby dons the apron,

Offering much love and compliance.

The lockdown can drive you insane,

Or it might show you ways , how not to complain !!

It might test your temperament ,

Or it might allow you to experiment.

Everyone can find some solace in this wraith,

Just like Yoga helps me build my faith.

I am sure we all can survive even if this lockdown is here to stay,

We can master the roles we play!!


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