Our breath, our life!

Another life lesson that struck my thought process while in my yoga session was to do with the way we breathe.

It is quite amazing how focusing on your body and mind while trying an asana , brings in new insights. Since breathing is the soul of yoga , it has lots of life lessons as well.

Biologically breathing involves a whole lot of muscles and their proper movement. When you inhale, your diaphragm contracts (tightens) and moves downward. This creates more space in your chest cavity, allowing the lungs to expand. When you exhale, the opposite happens — your diaphragm relaxes and moves upward in the chest cavity.

While I was focusing on my breathing during a meditative session , a beautiful thought occurred and it had a deep impact on my consciousness.

Just like breathing cannot possibly happen without the rise and fall of chest cavity mentioned above , rise in life cannot possibly happen without falling.

Rise and Fall are relative to each other. There is no meaning of “Rise” if we do not talk about the “Fall”. So , accept that ,in life, you will stumble but also believe that you are likely to rise back up just like your exhale and inhale .

In fact, your fall , your experiences from the fall and your attitude when you fall is more important than how you behave when you rise. And this analogy goes very well with the way we breathe as well. Those of us who practice yoga often adapt to a breathing process where your exhale should be longer than the inhale. In the same way , we must understand that , our demeanors while we are down decides how well can we rise up , back again!

Now talk about what happens in between the rise and fall. Imagine your breath between the rise and fall. It should be smooth , uniform and without any restrictions as the air or energy travels from your nostril to your lungs and from lungs to the rest of your body and then vice-versa.

Again , analyzing and comparing it with our lives , our behavior and attitude decides how smoothly we will be able to rise up from the fall. The knots and speed-breakers in our mind might want to keep us down but we must believe that the calmer we are , smoother the process will be. And if the process is smooth , we will be able to make our way back up again , sooner.

Co-relating your life lessons of rising and falling with the most important life process which is , your breathing process of inhaling and exhaling , will keep you motivated and focused in your journey of life. Just remember that there is no inhale (rising) without an exhale ( dropping/falling).


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