It’s time to make a sub-conscious effort

“As you sow in your subconscious mind, so shall you reap in your body and environment.”
― Joseph Murphy, The power of sub-conscious mind.

Statement speaks volumes of the immense power contained in the sub-conscious.

We often hear people speak –‘Lets make some conscious effort to change circumstances or to give a new lease to life.’

Well, on a deeper thought, I wondered – we have reached a stage where only the power of subconscious will work because it always has.

 What is this subconscious?

While conscious can be regarded as the tip of the pyramid, the subconscious on the other hand occupies the lower portion which is wide not only in area but also in its essence. This lays the foundation. Therefore, when the foundation is strong, everything else falls in place.

Conscious is what your eyes see and subconscious – what you make of it. Subconscious is that thought in your mind that may not be consciously processed in that moment but can be recalled.

So, subconscious is where all the action occurs. The fact that it occupies 50-60% of your capabilities clearly implies the amount of power it has over and above that of the conscious mind. Sub-conscious is the sanskar. My sanskar is my memory which supervises my habits and mannerisms. Hence, we must be very careful of all our thoughts and actions.

Is it accessible?

It requires a little effort because you need to steer your attention to it and make a well-suited and well-timed , recall.

Am sure, by now, the difference between conscious and subconscious must be clear. I won’t be emphasizing too much on this difference. It’s all expressed with metaphors and some beautiful illustrations.

What I want to focus upon here is the present scenario in which we are. The kind of problems we are facing , be it lifestyle, natural calamities or war of religions, now no longer requires a conscious effort, it all requires a sub-conscious effort.

Our actions now require a subconscious endeavor.

The status quo of our lifestyle has become alarming. We first decide to go that route and let the disease inflict upon us. Let’s take a simple example- Health.

Living in the work hard and party harder kind of world, we forget about ‘exercise the hardest’ aspect. We work hard to reach the deadlines. We party to fit into the social circle or to get the much desired break from all the hard work. While we are doing both of these – we either survive on junk or we completely forget to eat and when we get that break with friends, we rely on liquor for that makeshift amusement. In both cases, we are gradually ruining our health and what is the most disappointing part is that we are very much aware of it (we are doing it all consciously). I say consciously because when one fine day we realize we are suffering from obesity or undernourishment, we again become aware and consult a doctor, dietician, join a gym and what not. But for most of us this routine doesn’t last long again because it wasn’t in my Sanskar. It just came as a reaction to an action, and reactions don’t last long.

So we must ingrain this healthy positive lifestyle in our systems like we have ingrained the must party Friday evening plans. It should become a habit. Working out, even if it’s just for 30minutes should be like packing your bags or making lunch or as simple as brushing your teeth. And once it is all there in your memory, you will never forget to take care of your health and your health will also keep an eye out on your well being.

Another beautiful and mindful illustration to point up the potential of our sub-conscious mind. This one is from personal experience.

Living in the tropical part of the country, we do receive heavy showers during most part of the year. Inspite of this , due to careless and negligent attitude of the residents we waste a lot of water and often fall short of water in our overhead tanks . My husband devised a simple and sensible plan to harvest some of the rainwater. All we do is just place all our buckets and drums outside whenever it rains. We let the water filter by sedimentation and then use this water for washing clothes (just pour some water into the washing machine when we are not washing with hands) , washing car, mopping the floor and washing utensils .Now that’s a lot of washing . We can utilize the water in so many other ways as well. When it pours a lot, and we have enough for our own household , we share with our neighbours . This simple sustainable activity was initially a conscious effort but now our mind identifies with it so well that it is stored in our memories. It has become a sanskar. Whenever I hear the clouds thundering , my first step is not to remove the clothes that have spread out for drying outside or make tea and enjoy the weather, but to place all the buckets and drums outside so that we reuse and recycle water before this resource becomes as  rare as hen’s teeth.

Health and environment have now formed a vicious circle. If one is ruined the other will automatically ruin. So, this can be turned into a positive chakra by the power of our sub-conscious mind.

All we have to do is convince our conscious mind to acquire some attributes so that it can clear all the cobwebs and trickle down to the subconscious mind and reside there.


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